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Claim made against Tameside Foundation Trust

11/11/11: A man from Tameside who was left with permanent damage to his spine after being misdiagnosed as a schoolboy has been compensated.

The Manchester Evening News has reported that Liam Careless who is now 23 and from Stalybridge, was only 12 when his mum took him to the A&E department at Tameside Hospital, following him complaining about strange sensations in his neck.

An x-ray of Mr Careless’ neck was taken but he was discharged with only a neck brace but after suffering from numbness and pain for 4 years it was determined that the previous x-ray had been misread and Liam was actually suffering from compression of the spinal cord.

He is now in constant pain and has difficulty walking as well as suffering from a lack of balance which means he regularly falls and trips.

Liam lodged a claim for negligence against Tameside Foundation Trust, after he found out that his condition would have been cured if he had been given an operation at the time of his initial complaint.

The exact amount of the compensation hasn’t been revealed but he received a 6 figure out of court settlement which will assist in paying for future rehabilitation and care.