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New Born Injured due to Birthing Delays

A delay in a mother’s birth has caused serious injury to her son. His mother is now seeking £5 million in compensation on his behalf.

In 2004, his mother had to undergo an emergency Caesarean procedure in order to give birth. However the incident at the Glasgow Queen Mother’s Hospital took a catastrophic turn as medical staff supposedly used the wrong anaesthetic, according to a report by the Scottish Sun.

When her son was delivered he was starved of oxygen and couldn’t breathe. This had led her son to be incapable of talking and has left him with sight impairment. The boy has also developed cerebral palsy.

His mother’s legal team have submitted legal papers to court which has argued that medical staffs were negligent and the boy could have been born 17 minutes before he was actually delivered. They also claim that medical staff did not attend to the situation with the urgency in which they should have.

His mother is currently claiming a £5 million payout in compensation to attend to her boy’s care needs. However the Health Board are denying all liability for the incident.