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Stoke City Council denies liability

62-year-old Dorothy Bradbury has been denied compensation by Stoke City Council, after falling on an uneven pavement, breaking her ankles. She is now required to use a walking stick, or wheelchair to get about.

On 21 January 2011, Mrs Bradbury, while shopping, stumbled and lost her footing on a piece of subsided tarmac in Goodson Street, Hanley. The fall caused her to break both ankles and become housebound.

What has annoyed Mrs Bradbury is the fact that although she required hospital treatment, she has not received any compensation for her unfortunate accident, which she feels is the fault of the City Council, as the road was not maintained properly.

The accident occurred near to the back entrance of Marks and Spencer, while Mr and Mrs Bradbury of Alfreton Road, Fenpark, were doing household shopping. An ambulance was called for when she was unable to move.

Due to the cost, Mrs Bradbury is unable to proceed with a legal claim for the accident. She is still shocked and suffers pain in her ankles, and had further discomfort from having a metal plate inserted in her right ankle which was removed, over the Christmas period.

Her husband Clive 67, a retired engineer claims that she is in pain all the time.

A spokesperson for the City Council stated that their insurers determine compensation claims, and they made the decision not to admit liability.