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Payment despite disputed liability

09/12/11: A 6 year old boy from Oxford has won a multi-million pound compensation claim, after being starved of oxygen during his birth.

Local press has reported that the little boy was born at a hospital in Oxford but sustained brain damage after complications led to oxygen starvation.

He now has epilepsy and suffers from impairments to his vision which means that he will need 24 hour care for the remainder of his life.

His mother has made the claim for compensation against the Hospitals Trust, as she claims that a labour inducing drug was over used and led to her son’s injuries.

Although the Trust has disputed liability, they have agreed a settlement, which has been approved by the High Court.
The 6 year old will receive a lump sum followed by yearly payments to pay for his ongoing care and support needs.

A member of the little boy’s legal team has said that although the oxygen starvation was as a result of the over administration of a drug, it was not possible to prove that hospital staff had been negligent.