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Claim made against Devon bus operator

In the early morning of the 26th April 2010, Richard Mo was riding his Honda motorcycle along the road opposite the City College in Plymouth. It is alleged that a number 36 bus, operated by the Plymouth City bus company, was driven into the path of Mr. Mol, thereby causing an accident of a serious nature.

As a result of this accident, Mr. Mo reportedly suffered fractures of both shoulder blades and a serious spinal injury. He has been left paralysed and indications are that he suffers from muscle spasms and pain caused by the accident. Furthermore, reports show that his condition is such that he will be reliant on a wheelchair for the remainder of his life.

Reports now indicate that Mr. Mo is seeking compensation in the sum of £500,000 in respect of the injuries he sustained, from the insurers of the bus. From papers recently submitted to the High Court in London, the legal team acting on behalf of Mr. Mo is alleged to be arguing that the driver of the bus, a Mr. John Taut, failed to exercise the necessary care when driving and drove into the road when it was unsafe to do so.

When approached, a spokesperson for the bus company was unable to offer any comment regarding the case due to the ongoing legal proceedings.

A further aspect relating to the claim made by Mr. Mo is that should compensation be awarded to him. This would be used to provide the costs of his requirements in relation to his new circumstances. Reports further indicate that he is experiencing a need for suitable alternative accommodation.

Reports show that within the United Kingdom, there are approximately between 800 and 1200 severe cases of spinal injuries. It is further estimated that about 40,000 people have to live their daily lives with the effects of these types of injuries, with the majority being confined to wheelchairs.

An injury to the spinal could result in damage to the nerves and the electric signals in the spine, which control movement. Unfortunately, rehabilitation from this type of injury could be a prolonged process.