Injured in an accident that wasn't your fault?

If you have had an accident which was not your fault, we can help you make a no win no fee compensation claim


Judgment Given for Claim to Proceed

Ian Stych, aged 23, sustained serious injuries when his friend, Anthony Dibble, lost control and crashed the car he was driving without the owner’s permission. The accident occurred in June 2008, and although Ian recovered from his injuries, he still faces a life confined to a wheelchair.

Mr. Dibble was convicted of aggravated vehicle taking and was sentenced to 14 months in custody. Ian Stych sued for compensation, but the insurers of the car argued that he knew, or had reason to believe, he was in a car which had been taken without authority.

Mr. Justice Stadlen delivered judgment on the application in London, in favour of Mr. Stych. It is now possible for him to pursue his claim for damages. It was stated that “Ian did not know when he allowed himself to be driven by Anthony in the Range Rover that Anthony had taken it unlawfully, in that he had taken it without permission.”