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Award for child whose leg was amputated

21/10/11: A young child has been awarded almost one million pounds in compensation following the amputation of his left leg.

6 year old Leo Ison was only 3 weeks old when surgeons advised his parent that his leg needed to be amputated below the knee.

Leo’s parents, Ian and Fiona submitted a claim against a Leicester hospital for failing to spot a blood clot in time to save his leg. They say that Leo would have only had to lose toes if medical staff had identified the problem earlier.

The NHS Trust did not attend the hearing which awarded the family £900,00 but a spokesperson commented that they were happy that the agreed terms were approved and wished Leo’s family all the very best for their future.

Leo’s parents commented that they would now be looking for a new home so that Leo won’t have to deal with stairs and could have a wet room of his own.

They also said that some of the compensation will be used to pay for an operation that Leo needs to prevent him having to join a NHS waiting list.