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Widow receives compensation for husband’s death

14/10/11: A widow has received more than £250k in compensation following the death of her husband due to an illness related to asbestos, mesothelioma.

Elizabeth Wolff, aged 69 submitted a claim against Weir Construction Ltd, after her husband died from the disease when he was 66.

Mr Wolff was initially diagnosed with mesothelioma only a year after he had retired and he died just 7 months after that.
Weir Construction accept that the disease had been caused as a result of negligence and exposure to asbestos dust whilst Mr Wolff was employed by them.

Mrs Wolff told the court that she had to give her up her own job at the local hospital in order to care for her husband. Evidence has shown that if Mr Wolff had not developed the fatal illness, he could reasonably have been expected to live for a further 17 years.

The award of £258,520 included a sum of £65k which represented the suffering and pain of her husband.

Mr and Mrs Wolff’s 3 daughters and a granddaughter were also given compensated for their own losses.