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Rider and school found negligent in compensation case

09/01/12: Personal injury compensation of £37,000 has been awarded to a rider who broke her back when she was flung from her startled horse.

Ceri Tonkinson from Dinas Powys in South Wales was riding her horse, which was said to have only been recently ‘broken in’, when she was flung from her seat when it became startled by another horse which was ridden by Mr. Stephen Davis from the nearby Penarth’s Downside Riding School.

The South Wales Echo reported that Mr. Davies had been asked not to overtake her because the horse may become startled, but Mr. Davies ignored her, rode his horse too close and spooked Ms Tonkinson’s horse which resulted in the accident.

The fallen horse rider was formerly a regular competitor at a number of high level events in the UK, however she is now unable to ride for long periods of time due to her broken pelvis and back.

Cardiff County Court awarded Mrs. Tonkinson £37,000 after it was found that the Penarth Downside Riding School and Mr. Davies had acted negligently.

Mrs. Tonkinson, who launched the compensation claim, claimed that she had witnessed riders from that school riding dangerously on a number of occasions and she was not prepared to deal with it anymore.