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Financial claim settled after road traffic accident

29/09/11: A pensioner has been awarded an undisclosed personal injury compensation payout after suffering serious injury in a road accident caused by on overseas driver in July 2007.

Now aged 79, Ann Roberts was driving along a B road between Ludlow and Leominster when she was hit head-on by a Alain Le Den, a French motorist who had become confused and was driving on the wrong side of the road.

She suffered fractures to her upper back, right knee, hip and leg and several broken ribs. She needed to have a neck brace fitted and screwed into her skull to prevent further damage due to movement.

Although successful in her personal injury compensation claim, Ms Roberts said that no amount of money could restore her to the normal life she once had. Her loss of mobility had made her dependant on others.

She expressed the hope that lessons could be learned from her accident and that all motorists driving abroad would not allow a momentary lapse in concentration to end in tragedy.