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Property Firm Faces Fine For Worker Electrocution

A property development firm in Bristol has been fined after a worker was killed after being electrocuted.

23 year old Danny Edwards from Bristol was installing a washing machine when he was killed in March 2008.

An investigation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive revealed that the socket which powered the appliance was not wired correctly.  It is believed that the worker may have touched a copper pipe and the back of the appliance at the same time which caused a massive electric shock.

Bristol Magistrates’ Court was told that although the electrical appliances in the kitchen were signed off as safe by Birakos Enterprises Limited, the earth and live wires were not placed in the socket correctly.

Birakos Enterprises Limited admitted to breaching Control of Electricity Regulations and was ordered to pay a fine of £125,000 in addition to £50,000 in costs.