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Public Highway Defects

A public highway is any route of transport on which you can walk.  This includes roads, paths and pavements.  The local council is responsible for ensuring that public highways are kept safe and without risks of hazards.  It is their duty to eliminate risks of injuries and hazards that may cause people to slip, trip or fall.

When making a public highway accident compensation claim, it is important for the victim to be aware of the different types of public highway defects.  Cracked or raised paving stone is a common type of highway defect which can give rise to a compensation claim.  This type of defect causes most of the trip and fall accidents and gives rise to numerous compensation claims.

Another common type of public highway defect includes trenches and holes.  In most cases, these occur as a result of highway repair works.  In order to prevent members of the public from suffering injuries as a result of these defects, the local council must create warning signs and barriers.

Ice formation on highways also creates a hazard which can cause slip accidents.  Again, it is the duty of the local council to ensure that ice and snow are cleared up and risks of injuries are minimised.

Suffered Injuries As A Result Of A Public Highway Defect?

One of the important things that you must do is seek legal advice.  If you have suffered injuries due to no fault, the local council will be held accountable and will be liable to pay compensation arising out of a public highway compensation claim.

At, we have expert slips, trips and falls solicitors who can assist you with your claim.  If you have a viable claim, we can handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

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