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75% of UK Adults Encouraged to Claim Compensation

A survey commissioned by the Association Of British Insurers (ABI), of more than 2,600 adults, shows that 75% of people have received unsolicited text messages or phone calls, from a claims management company. These companies are offering them the opportunity to claim compensation, even though they have no grounds for doing so.

Nine out of ten (92%) recipients of these messages said that it did not apply to them. Over 78% of the people surveyed, were contacted by a claims management company, and were asked if they had been involved in an accident or wrongly sold payment protection insurance. The London statistic for this incidence rose to 82%.

A spokesperson for ABI said that unsolicited contact from claims management firms is a symptom of the UK’s dysfunctional compensation system. It encourages frivolous, exaggerated and even invented claims, especially for personal injury.

Support is strong for controls on claims management companies, with 75% of people backing a ban on unsolicited messages. This is seen as a means of reducing the epidemic of fraudulent whiplash claims.

Those most severely affected are honest policyholders. They are the ones who finally pay the price through higher insurance premiums. The survey results showed there is widespread public support for calls to tackle this nuisance. It would be part of wide ranging reforms to the compensation system being backed by the Government and ABI, to ensure that genuine claimants are the only ones who receive pay outs.