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NHS pays liability compensation for birth injury

David Fawdry was born at Basildon Hospital in 1991 by emergency caesarean section. The dramatic birth caused brain damage through oxygen starvation, whilst he was still in the womb.

This has resulted in Mr. Fawdry requiring support and care for life.

It was reported in the Brentwood Weekly News that helped by his parents, he sought compensation from the NHS Trust in charge of the hospital at that time, the East of England Strategic Health Authority.

Mr. Fawdry’s legal advisors claimed that his injuries were a result of delayed birth during the final stages. The Health Authority denied any liability stating that the injuries had already occurred.

The report in the paper states, that a compromise on liability has now been reached. He will receive 70% of the compensation claim.

The agreement approved at London’s High Court will see that Mr. Fawdry receives compensation of millions of pounds to cover the cost of care needs for the future.