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Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Sued

A brain-damaged patient has sued the hospital through their trust after she was left with her injuries due to her heart stopping whilst in their care.

The patient, 23-year-old Danielle Wylie, now requires permanent care 24 hours a day and needs to use a wheelchair. Other issues, include a lack of sight as she sometimes is unable to open her eyes and has limited speech.

Danielle Wylie, from Whitebarns in Furneux Pelham, has alleged that the injuries were as a result of medical negligence. Doctors from the Addenbrooke’s Hospital however, where she was treated, are arguing that Danielle is more than capable of managing her own life and can still grasp complicated concepts. For her injuries, she is seeking £300,000 in damages.

The incident occurred in 2007 at the intensive care unit of Addenbrooke’s hospital where she was undergoing treatment for vomiting and abdominal pain. A few days later her condition had dramatically declined and she then suffered a heart attack, a High Court writ read.

Danielle Wylie was confined to the hospital for months after the incident. However, it’s supposed that faster treatment would have protected her from the inevitable heart attack and resulting brain damage.

Miss Wylie is claiming that hospital staff failed in their duty of care as they didn’t: notice signs of respiratory failure, ignored the concerns raised by her father, ignored her level of health turning critical, and didn’t properly respond to oxygen starvation caused by the heart attack.

The main claim is that the long term neurological destruction caused by oxygen starvation could have been avoided if Miss Wylie had received proper care.

As of now, Miss Wylie can still stand without any aid, but she is unable to feed herself and suffers from muscle contractions in her legs, hands, and arms.

The damaged desired by Miss Wylie are wanted to cover the cost of care, loss of earnings, accommodation, and her education.