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14/02/12: Go kart company faces compensation claim

A teacher has submitted a compensation claim against a go karting company after an accident in the pit lane.

The court papers state that Julie Markie, had been dealing with one of her students at the track edge when another go kart being driven by another of her pupils hit her.

Mrs Markie now has scarring to her foot and suffers from pains in her leg, ankle and foot which cause her to limp; she also sustained a traumatic stress disorder.

It is believed that since the accident Mrs Markie has a very long scar on her left foot, suffers from a pain syndrome that affects her left ankle, foot and right leg and means she walks with a limp and also developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

The karting firm now face a legal battle from the former design and craft teacher who is claiming for loss of earnings, asserting that the incident forced her to leave her career in teaching.