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Paralysed teenager receives massive payout

08/11/11: Compensation has been awarded to a teenager which numbers several million. The compensation came after a teenager was left paralysed for life after a Lancashire Hospital admitted surgical negligence.

17-year-old Laura May from Chorley was awarded compensation as a result of a botched spinal surgery at the Royal Preston Hospital in 2005. The surgery was designed to correct the curvature of Laura’s spine, but ended up leaving her completely paralysed for the rest of her life from the chest down.

The settlement is thought to be an estimated £3 million, which will be paid out as a lump sum as well as in regular payments. The High Court in London approved this settlement.

The compensation was paid out for the medical expenses of the initial surgery, accommodation, any future loss of earnings, and specialist equipment which will be used to take care of Laura.

The paralysis was proved to be a result of medical negligence on the part of Roger Battersby Smith who is an orthopaedic surgeon with the Royal Preston Hospital. Diane Rostron who resides in Linder Myers in Lytham gets the credit for proving that the injuries were sustained as a result of medical negligence.

Mr. Smith was proved to have not used an imaging technique prior to the operation as well as misplacing a screw which led to the injuries sustained by Laura. It was in 2009 when the High Court of Justice in London ruled against Mr. Smith.

Medical negligence specialist, Diane Rostron commented on the case by declaring that the ruling was the end of Laura’s battle for justice. Ms. Rostron also echoed the information that the compensation would be used to secure Laura and her family’s future.

Christine and Bill May, Laura’s parents, first noticed the problem with her spine when she was 11-years-old during a shopping trip.

Prior to the spinal surgery, Laura had full and regular use of her limbs. She is now paraplegic.

The High Court was told during the hearing that the Royal Preston Hospital did not possess the ability to carry about Spinal Cord Monitoring which most other hospitals in the area did have.

Talking about the possibility of compensation during the hearing, Laura’s parents explained that a compensation payout will enable Laura to have the best care possible as her body could not be repaired.

Ms. Rostron also spoke of Laura’s future by revealing that she was looking forward to completing her A Levels before moving on to complete a degree at university. Laura was apparently in good spirits and wanted to live life to the full.

The chief executive of the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Karen Partington revealed that the case was resolved in 2009 and since then the Trust, who admitted full liability, has agreed a compensation package which was approved by the court in 2011.

Karen Partington went on to say that the trust regrets all of the personal damage caused to Laura while she was under their care before wishing Laura and her family the best in the future.