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Thurrock Council Fined For Failing To Act Over Asbestos In Schools

Thurrock Council has been fined for failing to remove asbestos from the boiler room of a school.

In a hearing, Basildon Crown Court was told that the Council was warned about the need to get the asbestos fibres removed from the boiler room of the Stifford Clays Junior School, but it failed to take action.

An asbestos survey carried out by a specialist contractor in 2004 revealed that debris and dusts found in the room contained asbestos fibres and these had to be removed on an immediate basis under licensed conditions.

However, when an investigation was carried out by the Health and Safety Executive, it was revealed that the council had not taken any action to get asbestos removed from the school in six years.

The boiler room was frequently visited by the contractors and school staff.

A Prohibition Notice was served by the HSE in April 2010 to prevent access to the boiler room until it was made safe.

Two Improvement Notices were also served in regards to the management of asbestos in other schools throughout the country.

Thurrock Council Of Essex was ordered to pay a fine of £35,000 in addition to £15,326 in costs.  The Council admitted to breaching Control of Asbestos Regulations and Management of Health and Safety At Work Act.