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Patient Complaints Cause Dentist Struck Off Register

John Turnbull saw the same dentist- Dr. David Stewart- at Glenholme Dental Practice happily for fifteen years, before the unfortunate incident of Dr. Stewart removing the wrong two teeth.

Dr. Stewart told Mr Turnbull that two of his teeth had an infection and needed removing. However, Dr. Stewart never took any x-rays of the teeth, and when he removed the two infected teeth, Mr. Turnbull suffered severe pain, forcing him to take medication for many weeks for the relief.

When wanting to return to the practice for further treatment for the problem, he found that Glenholme Dental Practice had closed down and no longer existed.

With numerous complaints received from former unhappy patients, Dr. David Stewart was struck off the Dentist’s Register.

The Sunday Sun states that Mr. Turnbull sought legal advice and learned that there were other methods for the tooth’s treatment and that it was unnecessary for his two teeth to have been removed. He made a dental negligence claim and the paper reports that he has received £4,000 compensation.