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Unregistered gas engineer fined

18/10/11: A self employed gas fitter who misled a client into thinking that he was registered legally and then carried out work which risked lives has been investigated.

Janusz Mazur of Lambeth installed a new boiler and connecting pipe work in a flat in Tooting Bec whilst self employed.

All engineering businesses that carry out any commercial or domestic gas work must be registered in line with the Gas Safety Regulations; the same legislation applies to gas engineers who are self-employed.

An investigation by the HSE discovered that the work Mr Mazur had completed was sub standard and the Gas Safe Register were unable to confirm that the boiler or pipe work could be operated safely. There were defects which could have caused harm or risked lives were present on the installation work. The investigation also revealed that Mr Mazur had pretended to be registered with gas safe but wasn’t, and he never had been.

A HSE inspector commented that defrauding customers, making false claims and carrying out illegal work are all very serious offences.

He went on to say that by attempting to operate outside the law, unqualified fitters are putting client’s lives at risk as well as risking prosecution, a fine and a prison sentence.

The owner of the flat in Tooting Bec has been fearful for her own safety as well as suffering from stress following Mr Mazur’s actions.

Working on gas appliances is specialised, difficult and potentially very dangerous. The HSE will continue their policy of prosecuting all individuals who break the law. Only registered and qualified engineers should carry out work of this nature.

A representative from Gas Safe Register commented that they have been working together with HSE to complete investigations into unregistered gas engineers and that the successful prosecution of Janusz Mazur was welcome news.

Unregistered fitters like Mr Mazur are more common than anybody thinks, we suspect that they are carrying out 250,000 jobs each year and as result are causing carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, fires, gas leaks as well as costing unsuspecting customers a lot of money.

Our message is clear, all gas safe registered engineers will have an ID card, make sure that you check it prior to them carrying out any work for you.