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Drivers pay the cost of increasing claims

29/11/11: The number of accidents has fallen, but drivers are still paying an average of £90 per car insurance policy due to the increasing numbers of whiplash claims, it was reported recently.

Whiplash claims are up by a third in three years even though the numbers of accidents are down by 16 percent. Whiplash claims are estimated to be costing 2 billion a year.

An average of 600,000 whiplash claims are made per year, and 25 percent of these are said to be either fraudulent or over-exaggerated a King’s survey of GPs reported; the survey was carried out by a leading think-tank at a doctors and insurers conference in London.

47 percent of UK doctors believe that whiplash is encouraged to be over-exaggerated and the system, as it is, is flawed according to the same King’s Fund survey.

A spokesman for King’s said that the UK has the weakest necks in the world due to the 1,600 whiplash diagnoses each day.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau reports that the 30,000 fraudulent claims per year are costing around £350 million each year.

The system is being scammed by doctors and lawyers according to insurers who claim it’s due to the financial incentive. Other frauds add an average of £40 to insurance policies, but whiplash claims are adding £90.

Whiplash claims are a silent epidemic according to Mr. James Dalton of the Association of British Insurers. He added that there was an average of one claim per minute with the number of claims growing by 33 percent to 570,000 each year. This is despite the fact that there were only 208,000 accidents, which is a drop of 16 percent.

Mr. Dalton also revealed that for each accident reported to the police there were 2.7 whiplash claims.