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Greater Glasgow Health Board admits negligence

A woman, Helen McGlone, 32 from Falkirk, is seeking damages of millions of pounds from the greater Glasgow Health Board for wrong diagnosis of cervical cancer.

She had received the ‘all clear’ twice after having smear tests.

While in Switzerland doing research for her PhD in 2008, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and required surgery and radiotherapy.

At present she is sueing Glasgow Health Board for £5 million, however, the amount is expected to rise dramatically to as much as £30 million.

At the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Dr McGlone claimed that she did not go to court for the money but to have the people who did the tests, held responsible for reading the tests inaccurately.

“Three out of 128 do not know how to read and recognise tests.” Adding that she wanted a “small amount of money” to pay for the medical bills and cost of surrogacy, as she could not conceive naturally and surrogacy was a future option.

The Court admits negligence but feels the claim excessive.

The hearing is ongoing.