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Hairdresser sued for £30K

Leigh Lumsden made an appointment with hairdresser, Kim McNally in June 2010 and subsequently attended the salon to return her hair back to its natural colour. Her hair had been dyed black although she is naturally blonde.

Local press reported that Ms. Lumsden has alleged that she sustained burns from the chemicals in the treatment. The same chemicals were also reported to cause part of her hair to become ginger or yellow in colour, and for some to completely fall out.

Ms. Lumsden has also alleged that the treatment has caused a trichonodosis condition which makes the hair to split and knots to develop.

The local newspaper has stated that Ms. Lumsden has sought £30K in a negligence claim and that papers have already been submitted to the court. She claims that this experience has caused anxiety issues about going to the hairdressers and her appearance. She was also forced to buy extensions in an attempt to cover the damage to her hair and had to seek advice on how to remedy the problems caused to her scalp and hair.

The hairdresser is defending Ms. Lumsden’s claim, and argues she refused a skin test for the stripping chemical prior to the treatment commencing.