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Compensation sought for accident injuries

A Yorkshire woman, Katarzyna Cieslar, is seeking compensation of more than £300,000 after a car crash in Poland in which she was seriously injured.

She was a back-seat passenger in a Fiat Punto that was involved in a collision with a BMW in February 2010. The accident took place in Skoczow, Poland. Michael Cieslar was the car driver

According to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, the Fiat Punto turned into the path of the BMW, causing the crash. Subsequently, Mr Cieslar was convicted of the driving offence and received a suspended jail sentence.

The impact of the collision caused Katarzyna Cieslar severe injuries that included a fractured neck, brain injury and several other broken bones, from which she still suffers, although the incident transpired more than two years ago.

The paper further reports that legal papers have been submitted to the High Court in London for the compensation she seeks for over £300,000 for the injuries received. The hearing expected to take place at a future date.